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Can't understand the poor ratings below. Easy to order, arrives quickly, decent grub.

Gemma , 20 Mar 2021

Good food for a good price

Jack, 14 Jan 2021

Worst food and service going!!!!! Over an hour to get the food that is stone cold when on arrival and after ringing up there is a snotty girl on the phone won’t be coming back here again

Michael, 28 Dec 2020

Seriously... wtf is going on? I ordered the "breakfast box". I took one look of my box of mushrooms and beans and gave it to my dog. He sniffed it and walked away. He will eat literal dog sh*t. Sums it up really...

Machonna Mcgil, 22 Nov 2020

I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. Stupidly ordered from this establishment again and I am livid with myself. Ordered my food at 08:00 hours and it is currently 09:19 and I am yet to hear a peep; I am STARVING. Little did I know that this scumhole will accept an order for delivery at 08:00am BUT the delivery drivers don't start until 09:00am, I am lost for words. I will be telling every soul I meet NEVER to place an order here. PS - After the Chicken Tendies I reluctantly scranned last time, I have developed viral gastroenteritis. Unless you want this, steer clear at all costs.

Leeroy Jenkins, 22 Nov 2020

Absolute load of sh*t!! Worst place on the island for food.

James Moore, 22 Nov 2020

Truely awful. Freezer food at best. Don't deserve any business.

Stevie Kelly, 13 Nov 2020

Very poor. The Chicken Tendies are meant to be the flagship product and they are terribly average. I also believe Delissimo are in the running for the worst chips on the island, cardboard NONSENSE. The only praise I can give is delivery as it actually arrived... LATE MAY I ADD.

Leeroy Jenkins, 13 Nov 2020

Yesterday I purchased a Baguette, Chicken and bacon for £3.50 from the delivery driver to IQEQ and the amount of filling very extremely poor, today I just bought a Tuna Sandwich and that's is the same, so I want be buying any more

Gail Thompson, 21 Oct 2020